Hospice Services

Hospice services are provided by an interdisciplinary team, committed to serving the whole person – not just the disease. The hospice team is made up of:


Providing oversight and expertise in managing the patient’s pain and symptoms.


Working directly with the patient and family to develop a customized care plan, monitor symptoms, and address the patient’s needs, while offering education to family and caregivers who are providing day-to-day care.

Hospice Aides

Offering personal care services for the patient’s comfort, including bathing, dressing, wound care treatment, range of motion exercises, and dietary assistance, plus respite for family caregivers.

Social Workers

Providing an array of supportive services for the patient and family, including counseling and coping skills; advanced care planning; assistance with insurance and paperwork; crisis intervention; and links to community resources.


Physical, occupational, and speech therapists assist as appropriate according to the patient’s personal plan of care.


Offering a variety of services, including patient companionship, respite, assistance with meals, light household chores, and more.

Spiritual Care Workers

Available as desired for prayer and support, communion, clergy visits, readings, counseling, etc.

Family & Caregivers

Those residing with the patient offer daily primary care with support and guidance from Angela Hospice staff, available on-call 24hours a day.

Angela Hospice offers the following Hospice Services:

Adult Hospice Home Care
Angela Hospice Care Center
Hospice Care in Facilities
My Nest is Best Pediatric Hospice
Prenatal Hospice

The Angela Hospice Service Area

Angela Hospice’s service area extends within a 1-hour radius of our Care Center, located at 14100 Newburgh Road, Livonia. For specific questions regarding service availability, please call our Referral Center at (888) 464-2341.

Hospice Fundamentals

Compassionate care for children, adults, and families since 1985

Angela Hospice is a Felician-sponsored ministry

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