Ethics Advisory Committee

The Angela Hospice Ethics Advisory Committee is available as a resource to patients and their families, hospice staff, and members of the community facing difficult medical decisions or dilemmas.

The Ethics Advisory Committee exists to enhance the excellence of care by emphasizing that good ethical decision-making is an important part of holistic care. Committee members promote and protect human dignity and the sacredness of life, and value each person’s unique culture and religion.

The Ethics Committee can help you if you are experiencing:

  • Confusion about treatments
  • Disagreements regarding which decisions should be made
  • Need for reassurance regarding a decision that you have made
  • Cultural or religious issues

When is it appropriate to contact the Ethics Committee?

At some point, a family or caregiver may be faced with a difficult decision regarding the medical care of the patient. When feelings of confusion, frustration, anger, or helplessness arise, the Ethics Advisory Committee can help by offering support and objective information.

Ethics Advisory Committee members use an established process of moral reasoning, rather than personal feelings, to address concerns brought before the committee. The committee provides guidance and support with difficult medical decisions. The committee serves in an advisory role only.

Who serves on the Ethics Committee?

Over twenty members participate, including doctors, nurses, administrators, ethicists, social workers, spiritual care representatives, and community representatives.

To arrange a consultation to speak with a committee member, please contact the Angela Hospice Ethics Department at (866) 464-7810, ext. 2236.

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